In Colombia, we have passed through many years of conflict, violence, poverty and others inequalities. Seeing a young man like Egan Bernal winning for the first time Le Tour de France was able to give me that feeling of hope and joy, to believe that he will inspire so many other kids to follow that path.

I have never been a sports fan, and I must admit that cycling was one of the most distant sports for me. However, since I arrived in Switzerland I've started to feel more close to sports in general. I have worked my all life in cooperation and social development projects so even if I knew about the importance of sports for the people, the communities and the development, I couldn’t feel more distance from it.

However, 2019 was different for me, at the beginning of the year I started working for SportWorks and Legacy Sport and suddenly I started to know and understand a completely new and different industry. Especially during this summer, my family came from Colombia to visit us, and for the first time my brother in law came to Switzerland and I was really intrigued by his new passion about cycling, he was super excited about riding routes and discover the country on top of a bike, his travel also coincided with the France Tour and of course for him it was a great feeling being so close to the competition.

One week before the tour finished I remember him telling us, Egan is going to win, and this is going to be huge for the Colombian sport. From that day we started watching the race live, reviewing the statistics and results every day, right up to the end we watched it to the finish, and with our hearts full with pride as if we were the winners instead of Egan!

After the race, I have been able to read a little more about Egan’s life and history with the cycling and I realized how many opportunities sport can provide, how much it can unify a country with the same spirit and energy and then I remembered the main reason why I used to work in Colombia, to feel hope, to believe that anything is possible, and hopefully his winning will allow the sports in Colombia to grow and maybe find new resources for more children in the future can inspire us to have more faith and more hope for the new generations.


Picture: Radu Razvan Gheorghe |

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