During the American Civil War the term “deadline” was used to reference the line that defined the boundary of the prison camps, cross the line and you were simply shot, dead!

 Thankfully, we don’t face the same grim conclusion nowadays when we cross a deadline in the sport event industry, however, it is very rare we have the opportunity to extend or move it.  Can you imagine explaining to the 4.5 billion viewers of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, “Opps, sorry! Couldn’t get everything ready in time, can you come back next week?!?” Ha! Not likely!

In less than 24 hours competition will be starting at the 1st World Urban Games in Budapest. And once again an event team of #SportWorkers will be working tirelessly to deliver 8 x Fields of Play, all the infrastructure to support up to 30’000 fans on site and all the technology to enable a global audience to experience the event live on their mobile phone, tablet or good old fashioned TV.

 And it’s not just about “getting the broadcast out” on time, it is just as much our duty (yes, I just said doodie!) to deliver on time for the athletes. If you’ve ever trained for a race, whether it be a 10km fun run or a 42km marathon, you’ll know it takes quite lot of training and planning to ensure you are at your peak preparedness for race day.  For professional athletes this is even more crucial, so delivering on time for them is equally just as important. And remember, it is all about the athletes! It’s why we do this!

 So whilst we don’t fear for our lives to cross a deadline today, we have developed a healthy respect for that thin red line and remain dedicated to ensuring we don’t ever cross it!


Picture:  Zoltan Gabor | Dreamstime.com

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