#TBT last Thursday

Last Thursday Torin Koos came to our Coffee & Croissants event. Christiaan Page from Legacy Sport took away the top 3 tips from this Olympian Athlete to be implemented in our working life!

Number 1: Make a decision and do

As an Athlete it was necessary for Torin Koos to see something happening to think about the decision he had to make and to execute and do it. It's a good parrallel to our daily life because since we are kids we test and learn everything. For instance, we try to stand up for the first time, it's not working at all, then we try again and one day we are able are running ! In our working life we need to make mistake and to test and learn to improve ourselfs.

Number 2: Find your bliss

For Torin Koos being an Athlete wasn't all about the glory of winning competitions. Of course, being competitor is a big part of him but the most important thing is to do what makes him happy. Reaching an Olympian level in a discipline is not an easy thing and it requires a lot of sacrifices so you need to find joy in what you are doing. For us, common people we definitely need to find our path and do what makes us happy as s living.

Number 3 : Be creative

Creativity for an Athlete? What is the link ? In fact, this third tip is quite surprising from a cross country skiing Athlete. But Torin koos explain us how it was important to be creative in the field to play because he had to think of the other ways to beat this guy or this guy. In our working life we need to find every day opportunities to be creative even an Excel file can be presented in a creative way! ;) 

Click here to watch the full video link !


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